Thursday, October 23, 2008

Drugstore Plan Oct 24-26

Alrightee, this Sun we're going on vacation, thus I was about to skip this week's drugstore. Then again, I have 2 RR to use at Wag and tomorrow's first day of the Nov Rebate items AND, there is the $5/$20 coupon again. So I'll be going (at least to Walgreens, but maybe not Rite Aid..I'm learning to let go of deals!)

Here's what I'll get:


4 Nestle fun-size chocolate. Look at my post on this. $10 b4 tax, 4 $1 off coupon, $4 rebate

L'oreal Age Perfect Moisturizer $19.99 b4 tax(I have a Wag coupon for $2 off), Rebate: $19.99

Milk, $3.49 ($0.50 off MQ) (cannot believe this was out of stock yesterday)

Almay Mascara, $6.99 b4 tax, Rebate $6.99 (this will help me use the RR)

Final Price: Milk and Chocolates will be free, I have 2 gifts to give away and I earn $2.01

Rite Aid

I can't believe how many items are FAR again!!! Grab them!

If I get to a Rite Aid this week, I'll be getting:

Loreal Age Perfect Moisturizer, $15.99 b4 tax, $1 off MQ

Kotex Tampons/Pads, $3 b4 tax, $1 off MQ

Oral B Artica toothbrush, $2.49 b4 tax

Citre Shine Miracle, $5.99 b4 tax, $1 off MQ

Citre Shine mist, $3.99 b4 tax, $1 off MQ

DentaBurst Teeth Cleaner, $1.99 b4 tax

GE Power strip, $5 b4 tax

GE Extension Cords, $2 b4 tax

Use Rite Aid's $5/25 coupon (you get this when you register with myRiteAid)

Total: $34.84, Rebated amount: $40.84, I get all those things for free and earn $5.61!! If I get all these things, that is.

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