Saturday, October 4, 2008

Grocery Oct 4

We spent quite a bit over this week...I wonder why. I just could not get around knowing it...anyhows, part of the cost was for meals for others (not that much though)...and then we spent a big bomb (1/6 of the money) just towards italian sausage...well we need meat and the sausage deal wasn't there for some reason, so we got the best deal (I hope). We spent $60+ this week. *ouch*
But look at this. This is my proudest. ALL THESE shown cost us $6.40!! All those yogurt (we printed 4 coupons, 2 from each computer) only for $1.20!! I'm not a big fan of Whips, but who can argue against $0.10 yogurt? Ian likes yogurt, so it'll be a great snack.

Alrightee, hope I'll get a great CVS deal tomorrow! Soleil and Centrum!

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